Local Publishing


If your institution has mandatory courses in English and your students have language barriers, we have the solution!

Through our translation program, we help your translation and research centers enrich your students’ medical knowledge and develop their intellectual capabilities by providing them with accurate and updated medical content in bilingual format that features both English and Arabic text within the same copy. Over and above, Elsevier ME can offer a straight-to-Arabic translation if required.

Readers of the translated books will better understand the course in hand, positively impacting their studying outcomes.

Service Offering:

1. Certifying your translations by the original publisher

2. Editing language and grammar
3. Rendering adapted books into a web-friendly version that can be utilized online


1. Partner with Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher
2. Make it yours! Brand the cover of the translated book with your institution’s logo and include your credentials
3. Positively impact your students’ work

4. Prevent difficulty of studying and increase understanding

5. Enjoy high quality standards for the published material