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Are you a Dean? Head of department? or head of the curriculum Committee? Do you want to have an outstanding educational resource that will help your students succeed? We can help you!

Adaptation is a service that Elsevier ME provides by customizing any title from a wide range of world-renowned medical books we have to help you accommodate your students’ needs and secure consistency throughout their educational journey. This service doesn’t only ease the process of lecturing at your institution, but rapidly boosts the level of education from all aspects.

Service Offering:

1. Rearranging chapters for any chosen title
2. Rearranging materials according to the course syllabus
3. Conversion of the adapted books to be utilized by the institution on its online platform


1. Partner with Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher
2. Make it Yours! Place your institution’s logo on the adapted book
3. Get the chance to include a preface with your name that anyone can see in the adapted book.